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Australiana Picture Frames


Australiana Picture Frames is owned and operated by Wal and Kay Murray at their modern workshop/studio/gallery located just out of Bathurst in God's Country - the Limekilns Road. 

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Successful local artist Nic Mason collecting recently framed works for her exhibition in Bathurst, March 2017.

At Australiana Picture Frames we offer affordable framing services - providing traditional, contemporary and modern frames. You can choose from a range of mouldings, glass and mount supplies to suit your needs.

A range of frame profiles and colourful mat boards can be carefully selected for your special requirements with some well chosen advice by local graphic designer & artist Wal Murray.


Photograph of a Dalmatian Coastal village by Alexander Murray. Moulding and matboard carefully chosen to complement the colourful roof tops and rugged stone fortifications.

Your artwork is important in the home and work place, it reflects the personality of the people that live and work there.

A frame serves the purpose of displaying and protecting artwork but it is far more than that. We can help you choose the most appropriate style and finish of your frame to complement and enhance your artwork. 

Framing can be simply divided into three basic areas:

  • Image or Item Framing

  • Restoration & Conservation

Image Framing

A simple frame can be many things:

  • Original Artworks - oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastels, printmaking

  • Posters

  • Object (3D Box) Framing

  • Fabric - needlework, tapestries, knitting, cross stitch, clothing

  • Certificates & Documents

  • Mirror & Glass

  • Photographs - sporting, family, historic

  • Clothing & Memrobilia - sporting jerserys, caps, shirts, ribbons

  • Medals & Badges (war items, sporting)


Restoration & Conservation

Quite often an old frame has many memories. Frames can be cleaned and minor repairs made - add a new mat board finish and your old image has a new life for many years to come.

Picture frames - whether factory-made, or custom made - are actually rather more complex than they might first appear to be. They’re constructed out of a variety of different parts, and there are quite a few different ways in which they can get damaged.

This damage can occur from improper handling and storage; from accidents, like falling from a wall or being dropped during transport; or simply from routine wear and tear over decades of use. At any rate, it’s quite common to get an expert advice or to hire the professional for picture frame repairs so that they can remount your delicate art.


A sad old print in poor condition - frame was grubby, backing materials weathered and falling apart.

The customers desire was to keep as original as possible.

The work was completely dismantled and cleaned. Original glass replaced and new conservation friendly backing board was added. The result stunning.

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We offer a quality and creative product at a very affordable cost.

Call Wal Murray to make your own personl appointment -   6337 6700



Two quite badly damaged watercolour illustrations by noted Australian artist Neville Cauley - 1897. Found in a deceased estate in Coonamble. Cleaned, pieced together and assembled in new frames with conservation mat and backing board.


An original French Provincial oil painting under goes a complete makeover. Dated heavy timber frame removed, image cleaned of dust and grime (all care taken not to damage the surfaces) and new mats and frame selected.