Wal Murray is an experienced graphic designer and art teacher practising his own unique style of artwork and offering design solutions to the public in graphics, illustration, printmaking design and photography.








Early influences began in the late 1960s when a young passionate Australian artist Alan Oldfield spent some time at Scots College teaching art.

Formal training in the art/graphics world began in Sydney's advertising industry in the early 1970s - finally leading to tertiary qualifications in Graphic Design and Art Education at the Riverina College of Advanced Education (now CSU).


Two more influences: the master Pablo Picasso and as the 70s arrived so did Super Realism 'Self Portrait' Chuck Close.

Modern Pointillism and the Giclée Print - an experiment
The word giclée was adopted by printmaker Jack Duganne around 1990. He wanted a name for the new type of prints he was producing - a large-format, high-resolution industrial prepress adapted for fine-art printing. 

Appearing to be a quite unique visual/graphic technique with colour and a PC as the tools the term I have called 'modern pointillism', is an image made up of hand created squares, filled with CMYK colour individually. These images are based on photographs acquired of many years.
















'Peter Hennessy QC' - eminent Queens Counsel from Brewongle, Bathurst was happy to agree to be my first portrait attempt using my new 'modern pointillist' style and then reproduced as a Giclée print.
Wal Murray ART


Graphics and Illustration





Graphic image designed for a local Bathurst based business.















Public Art










'Lets Fly A Kite'- stained glass and stainless steel public art work, Bathurst Memorial Entertaiment Centre. Commissioned by the Bathurst Arts Council - a cooperation between Paddy Robinson and Wal Murray 1998.



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